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Spring Baseball Registration FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about registration

Spring 2019 registration is  now open! Register today

1. When is the deadline for Spring 2019 registration? 
Early bird registration ends February 15th, 2019 (Fees increase by $10.00)

Standard registration ends March 31, 2019, but we will always try to accommodate late registrants. 

2. What is the 2019 registration fee? 
Fees range from $95 to $195, depending on the player's age/division and if you register early.

3. Which division will my child be in? 
Your child’s division will be determined by his age on August 31, 2019.

Bam Bam - Age 4- 5 - Tee Ball - $95

Pee Wee - Age 6 - Coach Pitch - $100

Rookies - Age 7 - Coach Pitch - $110

A - Age 8 - Kid Pitch - $120

Player Evaluations 

Player Evaluations for ages 9-13 (AA and Intermediate)  will be held on Saturday February 23, 2019 and Saturday March 2nd, 2019.  Both sessions will run from 8-11am and will be held at The U located at 1350 SE Gateway Drive in Grimes.   ALL PLAYERS BETWEEN AGE 9 and 13 MUST ATTEND ONE OF THE EVALUATION SESSIONS. 

AA Recreational - 9-10 - $170 (Recreational league with games Mon - Sat)

AA Competitive - 9-10 - $180 (Competitive league with games Mon-Fri. 

Intermediate - 11-13 - $185 (All players are required to attend RVLL Player evaluations. Players will be divided among AAA and Majors, pending evaluations. AAA games will be played Mon-Sat. Majors will play games Mon-Fri)

Juniors - 14 - $190 (Games Mon - Fri)

Seniors - 15-18 - $195 (Weekend Games only)

Little League Age Chart

4. I've created an account and registered, what's next? 
You’ll get occasional emails from the RVLL board. 

You’ll be contacted by a coach once teams are determined (usually in mid/late March). 

Stay connected with us via Facebook

5. How are teams put together? Will my child play with friends/classmates? 

Coach and Team requests will be accepted during registration for Bam Bam, Pee Wee, Rookies and A.   From AA up, teams are filled by draft.  At the higher levels, we will make accommodations for team placement for siblings and other special circumstances. 

Requests are not guaranteed

Ages 9-10 will do evaluations. Teams will be balanced based on player abilities/skills. 

Ages 11-13 will do evaluations. Coaches will draft players into Majors and AAA, depending on player evaluations.

6. How are coaches selected? What are the qualifications? 
All RVLL coaches are volunteers. Most are former players and have experience coaching, but all are enthusiastic and willing to make the time commitment to teams. 

All coaches undergo a mandatory background check. 

Approved volunteers in close contact with players will be identified by wearing a lanyard. Lanyards will indicate coaches and staff who have passed a background check.

To volunteer, please see the link on our homepage

7. What's the season schedule? When will games and practices be held? 
Game and practice schedules will be announced in March/April. 

The 2019 game schedule will be completed after teams are assigned (the number of teams determines the games). Your coach will send the final schedule (usually in late March/early April). 

Practices will be determined by each team’s coaches. Generally, younger divisions can expect at least 1 weekday practice, while AA and higher may have 2 or more weekday practices. 

8. What’s expected of parents? How can parents get involved? 
RVLL is an all-volunteer organization, so the support of parents, family and friends is critical to keep our league running smoothly! 

Each team’s parents are responsible for running the concession stand for at least 2 games per season. 

Parents can be involved in many ways, including: 

  • Supporting your team and modeling good sportsmanship 
  • Understanding the rules of play for your division and supporting decisions of coaches and umpires
  • Ensuring your player(s) arrive for all practices and games on-time, ready to play
  • Supporting the RVLL by making purchases at the concession stand (all proceeds go to the RVLL)
  • Finding corporate sponsors or considering a sponsorship yourself

9.   Second Season Registration -2019

  • Registration for second season will begin in mid-May, 2019. 
  • The season will begin in mid-July and run five weeks.   All divisions will follow the same timeline. 
  • Games are played on weekdays only and practices are at coaches discretion. 
  • Players are encouraged to play at the league division they will play in next season. 
  • No player evaluations or tryouts are held for second season.  At the 9/10 and 11-13 levels, there will not be rec/competitive divisions.  There will be a single 9/10 division and a single 11-13 division.  


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