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Competition Update

By RVLL, 10/26/17, 10:00AM CDT


AA (9-10 year old) - Will have both a competitive and a developmental division.

Competitive will play on WEEKNIGHTS ONLY (tournament players and teams welcome) and is intended for players with more advanced skills. Developmental is intended for players with more of a recreational intent and will focus on developing baseball skills. This league will play on WEEKNIGHTS AND WEEKENDS.

Seniors (15-18) Will play on WEEKENDS ONLY and will cater to both recreational and high school baseball players. Those with existing high school baseball commitments are encouraged to play as we will have fewer conflicts with school ball.

Juniors (13-14) Will play on WEEKNIGHTS ONLY and will provide a bridge between the intermediate and senior division. This division is intended for both competitive and recreational players and tournament players and teams are welcome. Players age 13 will still be eligible to play intermediate baseball if they desire.

Any full-team entry from outside RVLL will be subject to approval by the RVLL competition committee.