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Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

Head Coach – be the main contact for your team – you will have access to your team site that allows you to send emails, schedule and run practices, know the rules for your division and teach the kids as well as encourage sportsmanship.

Assistant Coach – assist head coach on running games and practices, assist with teaching kids the rules of their division and encourage sportsmanship

Here are some links from Little League International that cover all things for coaches.

Board Member – help run this all volunteer organization using the skills your posess.

Team Parent – be a positive role model for the team by ensuring the kids follow the rules in the dugout, are respectful to each other and the other team, and pick up all trash around the dugouts and bleachers after each game. If there are multiple team parents on a team, work together to create a schedule on who will do what. For the younger teams, you may want to coordinate treats for after the games. Be aware of any safety concerns in the dugouts or on the field and notify your coach, a board member or league rep.

Field Maintenance – attend field clean up days, assist when needed in mowing, field prep prior to games, weeding around concessions and the fencing, assist when Field Maintenance Crew is needed.

Assistant Griller – use the Sign Up Genius link to choose which days you can help with grilling up hamburgers and hot dogs for the concession stand. Times needed are listed in the volunteer slots.

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